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Four Thousand Years

Counting time is now easy and very accurate, however there are questions that are associated with each period, it is said that it is almost impossible to determine even approximately the entry of sin, that is the beginning of scriptural history count .

More than 140 different dates are presented by chronologists from the Jewish computing (shortest) 3483 years before the common era (Christian) to the calculation of 6984 years as estimated Alfonso of Castile. It follows from this that the problem is unsearchable.

Acceptance of the Mashyah came exactly 4000 years after Adam undoubtedly originated in the Epistle of Barnabas it says - "the world will have its sabbatical - 2000 years before the promises 2000 years to the era of Redemption, and two thousand years of the post the Mashyah -. and then the millennium rest identifying this letter with collaborator Paul (Shaul), was adopted by Origen and the argument put forward is because the letter was found among the writings of the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) in Sinaíticos manuscripts. this argument is also responsible for the inclusion of the letter of the canonical books, inspired, by Clement and Origen ... But Eusebius and Jerome did not accept this argument and ruled out the letter from the inspired books .

But the scriptural chronological accuracy is impressive! "A little here, a little there," the information gathered form a clear picture what year it anyway?

We read in:

 * Bereshit (Genesis.) 6: 3 - "Your days will be 120 years ..." In reality we do not see the same people vivierem alé this date. But if we take the word "years" to form "Yovel Year" (or Jublileu year) We are intriguing product of 6,000 years. 50 x 120 = 6000
Does beyond the literal 120 years correspond to our biological life, then we have one Selah (meditate Bottom line- think deeply), an Drash (ENIGMA or allegory) or sod (mystery or something deep)? What we can say is that 120 jubilees correspond to 6000 years.

Each group of 40 jubilees had specific events that significantly marked the human history:

  • Inaugurating the count Yovel (Jubilee) - The first 14 Abib of the first year of our history - The first lamb is killed symbolizing the sacrifice of Yahshuah.
  • 40 Jubilees 2000 years- Abram offering Isaac on the 14th of Abib the antitype.
  • 80 Jubilees 4000 years - Yahshuah died in the year 31 of our era fulfilling Pesach!
  • 120 Jubilees 6000 years - Week End milênios.ano 2031.

The question is what will punctuate this year on the dates of Moadim (Eternal celebrations)?
The symbol of the Tanak (Old Testament) pointed to the events that have been fulfilled in specific dates:

  • The immersion (baptism) of Yahshuah year 27 (most likely in Sukkot) - beginning of the work Mashyuah
  • The death of Yahsuah - fulfilled the Pesach (Passover) 14th Abibie year 31.
  • The Bikirim (Feast of First Fruits) was fulfilled in the resurrection - the 16th of Abib year 31.
  • The Shavuot (Festival of Weeks or Pentecost) - fulfilled 09 of 31 3ºmês year, with the descent of Kadosch RÚKHA (holy spirit).
  • Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) - fulfilled the 10th of the 7th month in 1844 (Gregorian date October 22) - finished the prophecy of the 2300 evenings and mornings or 2300 years.
Prophecies punctuating the 4000 years

* TC, p. 30. The Son of Yahweh humbled Himself and took a human nature, having the race wandered four thousand years from Eden and its original state of purity and righteousness. Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness. (Reprinted in ST June 11, 1874, HR 28 July 1874 and 1SM, p. 267).

* CT, p. 46. ​​For four thousand years was Satan working against the government of Yahweh and this practice had obtained strength and experience. (Reprinted in ST July 9, 1874, HR 18 August 1874, p. 280).

 *ST, 1877. again 15 What a contrast to this perfect being presented the Second Adam to enter the desert to measure himself with Satan. For four thousand years the race had been decreasing in physical strength, mental and moral vigor.

* GC, p. 328. With the great sacrifice offered upon Calvary, ended that system of ceremonial offerings which for four thousand years had pointed to the Lamb of Yahweh.

* GC, p. 546. If for four thousand years the righteous had, at the time of his death, gone straight to Heaven, how could Paul have said that if there is no resurrection "those who have fallen asleep in Mashyah are lost"? It would not be necessary resurrection.

The dates vary around the year 27 - year immersion and anointing Yahshuah becoming Ha Mashyah (the anointed of Yah) - and also points to the year 31, more specifically the 14th of Abib on Pesach, which makes most sense!
What we see clearly is that 4000 years were completed during the last 3 and a half years of the life of Mashyah, at the beginning or end. Year 27 or Year 31. Here we consider the date of year 31 and reaching a total of 4000 years to do our calculations.

Thus, in this year 2016, we are in the year 1985 in fact. 1985 years after the date of death of the Savior, which was on 14 Abib in the year 31!
2016-31 = 1985

But as today the history completed four million years, then the calculation is easily obvious!
4000 + 1985 = 5985 - Our historical chronological year!

The amazing thing is that these dates ALWAYS had their greetings in the Eternal Calendar parties given to the Jewish people in detail, and there are parties to meet! On what date do you imagine it will be fulfilled ??? Of course the Eternal calendar dates without doubt because they are a shadow of things. So if you do not master or know the calendar it is at least losing important part of your spiritual life! He understood the importance?

No statement as we do here was accepted without refutation, and not expect it to be different with us, but we are not worried about the opposition ... Our goal is to study!

 Diná Soares and
Ivonil Ferreira de Carvalho

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