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Shemot 31:17:

17-Beyni uveyn beney Yisra'el ot (no hebraico ot é um sinal visível-algo que se vê) hi le'olam ki sheshet yamim asah YAHUEH et-hashamayim ve'et-ha'arets uvayom hashvi'i shavat vayinafash.

17 This is an ot (sign) between Me and the children of Yisrael le-olamva-ed (for ever): for in six days יהוה made the shamayim and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested, and everything was in full smooth-peace.

The question is:
- As we see the Sabbath as a visible sign, and what sign is this?

This verse teaches us that the Sabbath from the seventh day of the week was given to the people of Israel as a visible sign. The word OT in Hebrew means something visible; it sees, and this plural word means otot (SIGNS). We know that the moon and the sun were given to Signs in the heavens to calculate the days, months, years, certain times, and also moadim week !!!!. Bereshet 1: 14-15.

This is proof in the Torah, the Sabbath from the seventh day of the week is computed by the phases of the moon within the month, for the week is linked to the month, the two calculations systems always go together, to compute the 30 or 29 days of month, the month is connected with ALWAYS weeks.

Unfortunately the current week that most groups in the world has seen, both Orthodox Jews, Christians, Adventists "7" day, many Messianic as many Netsarim, Arab, Spiritualists, etc., all these groups obey unfortunately. With the monopolization of Rome to the world, to conquer Rome and take the other countries, all child (conquered) have become accustomed to following continuous week of the pagan calendar, Julian-Gregorian, which does not use the new moon to start the week, was Papal Rome, through Julio Cesar (inspired by There Satan) that adopted in your city this pagan system Calendar and forced the countries they conquered (including Yisrael at the time), so that everyone could follow and do their business in continuous week . With that charge, no one could follow your score and your calendar.

  When Rome dominated Yisrael, they also introduced this system CONTINUOUS OF WEEKS in Israel, the Sabbath could fall on any day of the week Juliana Romana, this happened between the years 63 BCE and 37 DEC

Rome loved the stars and introduced the gods every day for the love, the origin of the word Saturday (day of Saturn god Saturn) in which this god was placed in the Julian calendar, as the 1st day of the week in the first instance, Sunday (sun god) at first, was not the 1st day of the week, as many were taught, he was the 7th day of the week in the Julian calendar.

The Gregorian calendar was placed in all countries of the world, they set the week in continuous fixed days:
-1234567,1234567,1234567,1234567,1234567,1234567 .... Without complying with the new moon to mark the beginning of the months and weeks.

In the figures below, we see the moon phases that fit perfectly within months, you will see that there are 4 Sabbath (rest) clearly, always starting from the dark new moon (day 1 of the month - Rosh Chodesh).
  The 2nd day of the month, begins the 1st day of the week, as the new moon is neutral and does not count as a day of the week. The New Moon is only a marker of the early months and a day of rest as the sabbaths (may not work) as reported in the Tanach, in Hosea 8: 5-6. Below that there is no light at the new moon and it is neutral in itself, this new moon day is computed only as a day in the month, and never as a day of the week, as taught by the Julian-Gregorian calendar days continuous. Weekdays are computed after the new disappear and pop up a "fiuzinho" white moon (light on the sides).

Dark Moon
You never mistake in keeping the Sabbath by the phases of the moon, and will not be deceived by any human calendar, when you understand and obey the 2 witnesses of Beresheet-Genesis 1: 14-15.

This calendar is not a new doctrine or a new Astronomical technique, or a mysterious REVELATION, this is the model that YHWH gave the Israelites ONLY (HIS PEOPLE SPECIAL CHOICE) to observe the two faithful witnesses in heaven, (Sun and Moon) you will never lose the Sabbath count, those times (spring, summer, autumn and winter), moadim (celebrations) and the calculations of years.
Our ancient patriarchs knew all these techniques of observation of the new moon, moadim, years and the Sabbath. The moon and the sun are SIGNS-otot perpetual, given to mankind to know YHWH times wherever he lives. No man on earth can never modify the two witnesses in the sky, the moon and the sun, unlike humans pagan calendars, which were developed by men with their Greek philosophies that did not obey the Scripture, (check-in Shemot Êx.31 17 that the Sabbath was given to the people of Yahshorul - Israel, not the nations, who always loved the stars as gods.

Never the nations knew calculate the times and the Sabbath as the Torah teaches, because they did not obey the Torah, let alone knew and obeyed YHWH, these pagans have always tried to unravel the secrets of the calendar, but only the people of Yahshorul -Ysrael knew therefore received directly from YHWH, the pagans were never able to calculate the times.

In these attempts to understand and calculate the times, many created their own formulas, evidence which, the 10 days until the Julian calendar, was inserted by Pope Gregory, who officiated at the world around the Gregorian calendar. The reported solar-lunar calendar Bereshet Genesis 1: 14-15, uses the sun and the moon together, the sun to rule the day and year and the moon to rule, weeks, months, and seasons moadim.

As these pagans worshiped the sun, they only created a solar calendar and others as worshiped the moon, only made a lunar calendar. With all these false interpretations, they perversely changed the times and the Torah (Law) as stated by the prophecy in Daniel 7:25.

This artful trap that satan There devised for mankind, was exactly to violate all the celebrations of YHWH, because the people of Yahshorul -Ysrael had broken the covenant of Torah and YHWH would no longer receive CELEBRATIONS of his people. Lamentations 2: 6 - Hosea 2: 10-11 - Yeshayahu 1: 13-14.

All of humanity and its religions, unfortunately fell into this apostasy to follow this Gregorian calendar and the Sabbath (day of Saturn or god Saturn) and not the Sabbath (rest) of creation week. They also violate the day of new moon ceremony, which for them is allowed lucrative job on this day, but in Scripture teaches us that it is forbidden to work profitably, as we have seen in Amos 8: 5.

Many proponents of the Gregorian Saturday, say they are right to follow the Sabbath as "Sabbath", because the current Orthodox Judaism, also uses this week of the Julian-Gregorian calendar, following the Roman continuous week. When Rome dominated Yahshorul -Ysrael, they forced everyone to obey the ONLY SOLAR calendar and the week of continuous days from the year 63 BCE This is a very serious mistake, as it is reported in own Jewish encyclopedia that Hillel was forced to join this calendar SOLAR JULIAN-Gregorian, or all ysraelitas would run life-threatening.

Orthodox Judaism as the Temple no longer had lost their way to calculate the times after the destruction of the Temple, because Rome had dominated Yahshorul -Ysrael.

The Orthodox Judaism puts his halachot-teaching ("Oral Torah") above the Torah of YHWH since its existence! You can prove this in his Greek Bible and even a Jewish Tanach translated into Portuguese, by the Jews wise, where they "unconsciously" (???) replace the word kadosh Sabbath (rest) by pagan word, Saturday or day of Saturn (Saturday in English), which was one of the gods worshiped in continuous week of the Julian calendar and confirmed in the Gregorian calendar!

All months and days of the week of the Gregorian calendar, were and are dedicated to the pagan gods, as well as many names of the months of the Jewish calendar are also dedicated to gods (Tammuz, Adar, etc).

If you follow Beresheet Genesis 1: 14-18, you never cease to understand the times of YHWH and you can always go anywhere in the world you live, all-Moedim celebrations mentioned in the Torah - Scripture accurately, until the coming of our Messiah Yahshorul, Yahshuas ha Moshiach.

This calendar of YHWH is being restored in these last days (Maaseh Shilichim-Acts 3:21) and no man can modify it as it has no power to change the movements of the sun and moon in the heavens, Haleluyah !!!

  This will be the beginning of the persecution of the remnant in the end times, for the world anti-Capitalist torah, where most of the land companies, government agencies, etc., will not allow the remaining rest in these sabbaths of the seventh day of the week and also on other days of moadim, Pesach, Shavuot, Sukkot, Yom Kippur, Yom Teruah, which may fall on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday the pagan Gregorian calendar.

The enemy has placed in the mind of many religions, the Sabbath of the Gregorian calendar (erroneously called the 7th day of creation week) will be replaced by Sunday (sun god), has also invented the story of the ship in the right hand as a sign Sunday, but this is a great snare of satan there, so that people do not know the true day of SHABAT by two faithful witnesses that YHWH has given us in Beresheet-Genesis 1: 14-15, as both the Saturday and the Sunday and all other days of the Gregorian week, are dedicated to pagan gods !. In torah day of the week are numbered 1-7, and the 7th day called SHABBAT. See the calendar below, all the phases of the moon:

Every day 8,15,22,29 of the month, are the 4 perpetual Sabbath of the 7th day of the week from the Creation.

The year starts only when the new moon (DAY 1 a 'fiuzinho "brightness right). In the vertical column, you notice the 12 months beginning with spring-Aviv (Shemot-Exodus 12: 1-2).

  YHWH is wonderful in its techniques, because when you enter the new moon (day 1 of month) begins a new cycle for all his people, because B'ney Yisrael-Children of Yisrael, need to meditate in the month that passed, rest in this day and reflect on all that

  On the day of the new moon, meditate on Scripture and YHWH. So I ask the reader: Are the Sabbath 4 of 4 weeks in the month, also teach us a new cycle for us? Of course !!! We see that every day of the month 8,15,22,29 are perpetually A Sabbath-rest). Check out:

8th of the month, 7 day


1. The 8th of the month (1 Shabbat of the month) the phase of the moon is in the middle (the darkness on the left and the clear part on the right) this 7th day is the last cycle of the first week within the month, and the 1st Sabbath of the first week of the month, when entering the 9th of the month, will begin the new weekly cycle, the 1st day of the 2nd week of the month.

15th of the month, 7 day



2- On the 15th of the month (2nd Sabbath of the month) the moon is full and the 16th of the month will the 1st day of the 2nd week of the month, because the darkness is beginning to appear on the right.

Day 22 of the month, 7 day


3- On 22 of the month (3rd Shabbat of the month) the moon is exactly in half again, only that the dark side is on the right and white on the left, and on the 23rd of the month, enter the 1st day of the 3rd the week of the month.

29th of the month, 7 day

4- On the 29th of the month (4th and last Shabbat of the month), the moon is only with a "fiuzinho" white on the left. And here comes the question of paramount importance:
- If this month is 30 days, this 30th day of the month can be counted as the 1st day of the week? Of course not !!! You will say amazed, because it is not the 1st day of the week ?! If this month is 30 days, the 30th of the month can not continue with the week 1-7 the previous month, because in front of this new moon "Braking and preventing" the old week month count.

This day may not be the 1st day of the week (this is the mistake that happens to continuous week of the Gregorian calendar), as the new moon has not yet appeared and the month is not over, the Gregorian calendar still counting the days of the week independent of the new moon, for they do not obey the prescribed services of the new moon day reported in Scripture and continue the week counting the new moon like a common day of the week.

The week that YHWH taught us, can only be counted 1-7, after the start of the new moon, she was placed to mark and halt the week, starting a new cycle in the month and a new weekly cycle also. I repeat, not the 30th of the month and not the new moon can be a day of the week, they are only counted as one day in the month!

If we count the 30th day of the month as the 1st day of the week, she will have to have 6 more days to complete a cycle of seven days, but as the other day, is obviously the new moon, we can not continue with a fifth week of the month , which ended up in the new moon, it would break the function of the new moon to start the new month and the new week.

The moon marks the entry of the new month, and will have to start the week after the new moon, the new moon is 1 month, understand now?

That's why this lunar and solar calendar YHWH Beresheet-Gen. 1: 14-15, there can only be four weeks within the month, for respect and follow the rules of the new moon reported in the scriptures, not idolize, as some wrongly accuse us.

In the Gregorian calendar, there are months to four weeks and months with 5 weeks because they do not obey the Torah of YHWH and the ordinances and the obligations of the new moon.
We can only start the new week after finishing the month, when entering the New Moon (day 1 of the month) and when entering the 2nd day of the month, then begin again the 1st day of the new week.

And when the month is 29 days, and then? It's simple and mathematician, the months are 29 days, obviously the other day is New Moon (day 1 of the month), right?

Then we will have 2 consecutive days of rest, (the Sabbath on the 29th of the month, and day 1 of the new month (new moon), where the scriptures teach us that we can not work, ahmos-Amos 8: 5. We will have four weeks . complete within the month Remember that this calendar of YHWH, never the Sabbath of the 7th day falls on a day of new moon days are the different months as we read in Ezekiel-Ez.46: 1-3.

final Thoughts

YHWH is perfect in his designs, for both the new moon (the beginning of the month), and the sabbaths in 4 months 29 days will show us new cycles always starting
for a new cycle of the moon, as the months of 30 days we will have an extra day to prepare for the start of the new month, always from the new moon. YHWH did this so that we can reflect on our spiritual attitudes with Him and our neighbor. This is a wonderful teaching and very important for the people of Yshorul because YHWH always teaches us to look up, where our redemption will come, Like the moon and the sun are otot-VISIBLE SIGNS to understand the times, so yahushuah ha Moshiach, appears to us with an OT-vISIBLE SIGN, when he comes back in shanaiym-rise for the second time (Mattitiyahu-Mt 00:30) to rescue and gather their choice sheep, the 12 tribes of Yisrael, scattered throughout earth.
Selah - Meditate

Pesquisado por Diná Soares e Ivonil Ferreira de Carvalho

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